AIM Frame Essentials® - Joint Health

AIM Frame Essentials® - Joint Health

AIM Frame Essentials® - Joint Health

Quick Overview

AIM Frame Essentials® contains two types of glucosamine, with methylsulfonylmethane and boswellin extract included in our formula for a combined, synergistic effect.

120 Capsules

Product Description

AIM Frame Essentials is a joint health, dietary supplement that combines four effective ingredients: glucosamine sulfate, glucosamine hydrochloride, boswellia extract and methylsulfonylmethane (MSM).

Key Benefits and Features

  • Maintains musculoskeletal health
  • Improves joint function
  • Works in conjunction with regular exercise and a healthy diet to preserve joints and bones as you age
  • Provides a biologically active form of sulfur
  • Delivers a carbohydrate component of tissue structure
  • 120 capsules

How to Use

  • Take 2 capsules twice per day.Best taken with meals.Avoid taking at bedtime.
  • Do not use if pregnant or nursing.Consult a health care practitionerbefore use if taking insulin.
  • Keep out of reach of children.
  • Not recommended for children.
  • WARNING: Glucosamine is derived from shellfish.


Does Frame Essentials contain shellfish?

Yes, the glucosamine is derived from shellfish. Do not consume if you have a shellfish allergy.

Can children and pregnant women take Frame Essentials?

There should be no reason for children to be using this product. Pregnant women should consult a health care practitioner.

Can I take Frame Essentials with other AIM products?

Yes, you may experience positive synergy between Frame Essentials and other AIM products.

Can I take Frame Essentials with other medications?

There are no indications that glucosamine interacts with other medications. Of course, you should always consult a health care practitioner when adding new supplements to your regimen.

Is glucosamine actually absorbed?

Yes, up to 90 percent of glucosamine is absorbed when consumed orally.

Does Frame Essentials have any side effects?

Glucosamine is safe. A few people have reported upset stomach and nausea. In a year of formal testing of glucosamine, no significant side effects were found.

AIM Frame Essentials® - Joint Health