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My Health Is Worth It

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Winding Down with AIM Composure®

With the winding down of the holiday season, the ending of 2015 and the beginning of a New Year, it is no wonder that people will experience increased stress, anxiety, frazzled nerves, overloaded minds and sleepless nights – the undesirable Read more…

A Look At What Went Wrong – My Brush With Bladder Cancer – PART 1

I’d like to say that the following blog post is merely my own opinion of what transpired to eventually land me in the hospital with a urologist telling me that “Under the circumstances, I’d have to say that you have Read more…

Feeling Good Enough To Complete an ‘Easter’ Project

Wow! I sure am feeling better, now that I am juicing, doing ‘MORE’ of my AIM products, and enjoying this beautiful weather! My energy levels are going through the roof – more like where they were when I was much Read more…

Monitoring My Success :-)

As of this date I have lost a total of 40 pounds since being released from the hospital!!! Wow! I am jazzed! I am now into a size 16-18 pant – down from a size 24. All this and I Read more…

Healthy Weight Management – Update & Day #1

Christine here. I am back again, after a LONG absence, during which a LOT has happened. Most recently I had a scare with Bladder Cancer, and as scary as that was (I’ll tell you all about it in a later Read more…

Detoxify! Build a New You!

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My Health Is Worth It Store now Open!

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