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My Health Is Worth It

PrepZymes for the Holidays

As we head into a period of holiday-season feasts, it’s a good time to prepare for DSO: digestive system overload.

Christmas is just around the corner. Traditionally, it is a time that families and friends get together. More often than not, a feast of food translates into overeating.

AIM PrepZymes® is the ideal supplement to have on hand to help your body survive overindulgence. Its cultured enzymes, papaya fruit and alpine wild garlic help to break down whatever variety of foods you eat during the holidays. Besides, there always seem to be leftovers, which can also use a little PrepZymes action.

And with the New Year celebratory spread to follow, you may as well order in six-packs ’cause there’s no digestive aid like PrepZymes for the holidays.

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