My Health Is Worth It

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My Health Is Worth It

God Blessed Me with AIM’s Garden Trio

God gave to me a number of days

That I might walk this earth,

He gave to me a lifetime filled

With blessings, joy and mirth.

He placed my special spirit

In a vessel made of clay

And asked that I should guard it

With every passing day.

But then as life would have it,

I let my health decay

Just where it went I do not know

It simply slipped away

Then my days were filled with illness

My nights could grant no rest

The burden of my lack of health

Laid heavy on my chest.

The doctors all amused me

With prescriptions, pills and potions

They took out parts and added some

To prove their silly notions.

And so it was their wallets fattened

While my health continued to decline

Until I fell before the Lord

And prayed this prayer of mine

“Dear Lord I have been foolish,

To think mostly of my wealth

I wasted much of what you gave

Including my good health.

I pray that you’d restore me Lord

Through any means you choose

For now I know the value

Of the health I chose to lose”.

As I waited for his answer

Praying faithfully day and night

He sent along a stranger

To show me what was right.

But I was seeking miracles

In the form of a personal touch

Like what happened in the Bible

And I wanted it so much

I thought it silly that the answer

Could be found in the juices of a grass

So when my new friend offered it

I simply chose to pass.

But God, you were determined

To reveal to me your plan

And it fell to me to realize your ways

Are not those conceived by man.

Then with help from the friend you sent me

I followed your prescription to the letter

I drank the Garden Trio three times a day

And quite soon I felt much better.

The ‘Garden Trio’ is a trinity

I know it’s been blessed by God above

He gave it to those who asked for health

As a token of his love.

Today my prayer is not the same

As once it used to be

Instead I pray that I could help

Others, as he helped me.

I’m thankful for my newfound health

And for my renewed vitality

And when God hears another prayer for health

I pray now that he’ll  ‘use’ me.

It was with care he gave His vision

And With wisdom He did select

The leaders of AIM that they’d promote

Health, wealth and personal respect.

I pray daily that the ones I love

And even those I still don’t know

Will be willing to try the answer

That God so lovingly did show.

So drink and share often AIM’s Garden Trio

For it has been blessed by God above

He has provided it for his children

As a token of His Eternal Love.

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