My Health Is Worth It

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My Health Is Worth It

Ode To The Salesman

By Christine Ann Currie Jan.1 2004

The world goes round because of sales

At least that’s what they say

For everything has got a price

For which the world will pay.

So I want to be a salesman

And a good one, that’s for sure

So I could sell a great idea

Or perhaps a fishing lure

I’ve no wish to be an inventor

Because inventions line the shelf

And there they stay until the day

That the salesman proves himself.

I don’t think I’d like to research

Nor find solutions for the world

Because no sooner do you get it right

Than a new problem is unfurled.

I do not want to travel

Or voyage to the moon

I’d sooner be a salesman

And dance to my own tune.

It doesn’t matter what my gender

Or the color in my eye

I won’t get every sale, for sure

But more the more I try.

And product isn’t everything

Although it means a lot

My sales will oft’ be won or lost

By the attitude I’ve got.

Yes, I dream to be a salesman

Selling day and night

I’ll find for you the thing you feel

Is absolutely right

As a good salesman I will decipher

Of what my customers have need

I’ll learn when to take a back seat

And when to take the lead.

With an attitude of service

Good manners I will employ

These tools will overcome objections

And success I will enjoy.

I will take the time to listen

For this time will not be lost

My wares will be top quality

And a bargain at the cost.

And I will face each challenge

With an attitude of love

And I will carry out each task

As if for God above

For a good salesman is a servant

Although today it’s very rare

For no one cares how much I know

Until they know how much I care

And I will give great service

To both customer and friend

And if at first you are not these

You will be in the end.

So when next you seek a salesman

If not me, I hope that you will find

The joys that come from dealing with

A salesman of this kind.

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