My Health Is Worth It

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My Health Is Worth It

Healthy Weight Management – Update & Day #1

Christine here. I am back again, after a LONG absence, during which a LOT has happened. Most recently I had a scare with Bladder Cancer, and as scary as that was (I’ll tell you all about it in a later post), I am thankful that I got scared enough to really get serious with my health and my weight. I was tired of just sitting on the fence, and doing as little as I could do to feel like I was not as sick as most of the people around me, and the world population in general.

Until recently I was doing the bare essentials of my Nutritional Program, while indulging in the Standard American Diet (SAD) at the same time – not the ideal way to stay healthy. And the funny thing is that I knew that what I was doing was not helping my health or my weight – I just didn’t seem to have the drive to put a halt to the negative behavior.

To make matters worse, I had started smoking on a regular basis, my energy was on a steady downward spiral while my weight was steadily escalating, and I sure wasn’t looking as young as I wanted to either.  It was beginning to feel like my life was hardly worth living.

Every night I prayed that God would turn things around – it was obvious that I couldn’t do it on my own.

Nightly, I would pray and try to put things in their proper perspective.

I needed to quit smoking  – that was my #1 priority. I was sure that once I got rid of the cigarettes, the mental fog, physical lethargy, and most of the self loathing would quickly be on the way out.

I was already doing my Mind Bank (More on this later), self hypnosis (as a Certified Hypnotherapist, this was a given), and visualization techniques. Mind you, I wasn’t doing them all at the same time, nor to the best of my ability. As a matter of fact, it felt like I was just doing enough to keep me in the vicinity of the game – and not really IN the game.

That’s where I was when I took a severe left turn and my health, as well as my life, was almost ripped from my grasp. – I’ll post the complete story of what it took to get me back on track at a later date – today I want to encourage myself as well as others to take charge of their health and to take steps in the right direction. That said, here is a look at what I had for breakfast this morning.

Vegetable Breakfast Ingredients
1Tomatoe, 4 Celery Sticks, 3 Carrots, 2 Lemons & half a peeled Cucumber. This made about 16 ounces. I drank 8 ounces with 2 Tablespoons of BarleyLife, then finished the last 8 ounces as a chaser. M-m-m-m-m GOOD!


I weighted in this morning – finally back to where I was before my brush with Bladder Cancer.  The last time I weighted myself before going to the hospital I was down to 228.8 pounds. I had already lost 22+ pounds. But when I was in the hospital, they pumped 5 gallons of water in/through me, and when I got back home I still weighted in at 261.6 pounds – a full 11 pounds MORE than I had been when I had started working on decreasing my weight as a New Years resolution.  Now, today, I am back to where I was – as a matter of fact I’m 4 ounces less, because today the scales read 228.4.

Well, just so you know, this is going to be a really regular blog from now on – I’m totally committed this time – and I hope you will join me, post comments, join me, let me encourage you, experience your own health &/0r weight management success. I’d be honored if you would consider this site and this blog a part of your regular routine, so please check back often. I look forward to hearing from you.

Blessings & Hugs



It’s amazing how different life feels without all those chemicals in those cigarettes. I am REALLY starting to feel more like my old self – more energy, clearer thoughts, getting more accomplished during the course of a day. I’m planning, and dreaming and I’m excited about life again.  So much so that even when I put in my BMI numbers on this site and it came back at ‘Obesity Level II’ it didn’t bother me, so much as it gave me a reference from which to start.  Life Is GREAT!

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