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My Health Is Worth It

A Look At What Went Wrong – My Brush With Bladder Cancer – PART 1

I’d like to say that the following blog post is merely my own opinion of what transpired to eventually land me in the hospital with a urologist telling me that “Under the circumstances, I’d have to say that you have bladder cancer.”

I’d also like to remind my friends and readers that I have over 35 years of experience in the alternative health field as an Herbalist, a Certified Master Iridologist, and as a Certified Reflexologist.

That said I would like to preface this blog entry with a heartfelt THANK YOU to all the wonderful medical professionals who helped me in my time of need. The people at Southeast Hospital in Cape Girardeau were WONDERFUL, and deserve the heartfelt appreciation that I have for them.

This whole situation started on Monday, when I decided to use a very harsh chemical to clean a headache rack (off of my husbands Big rig), in order to sell it. I had completed cleaning a fairly small section, when I first felt a stinging sensation on my arm. I looked down and saw that I had a couple of red marks on my arm where I was experiencing the stinging. I immediately went into the house and washed the area off with cold water for a full 15 minutes, and the pain eventually stopped.

About a half hour later, I felt the same stinging sensation on my leg- in the upper/outer thigh area. I quickly made my way to the bathroom, where I removed my pants and found evidence of a similar ‘burn’. I again used the ‘cold water flushing’ technique to relieve the stinging. All seemed to be OK, at this point in time.

It was several hours later while I was watching TV, that I became aware of a BURNING sensation on the top of my right foot. Upon removing my tennis shoe I found yet another patch of red/stinging skin. The difference was that this particular spot looked like it was RAW. And while this spot was relatively small, it was BLISTERED!  Again, I did the ‘cold water flushing’, which gave me some immediate relief, but not much. I soaked my foot several times throughout the evening.

On Tuesday, when I got up in the morning (awakened by the pain in my foot), the area had become deeply ulcerated and had a bright red circle around the blister.  I re-read through the paperwork that had come with the chemicals, and found (in small print) that if skin contact was made with the chemical, they suggested using Milk of Magnesia (MoM) to wash the area. (This makes sense because MoM is good for neutralizing acid, which is what the cleaning chemical was.

Below you can see the Milk of Magnesia on the top of my foot.

Milk of Magnesia for Chemical Burn
Milk of Magnesia for Chemical Burn

The rest of Tuesday morning was basically uneventful, except that I didn’t feel ‘good’. I was lethargic and my whole body felt listless. and out of sorts.

By Tuesday afternoon, my foot still looked pretty bad – blistered and red, my entire body was ‘sore’ and my right shoulder was EXTREMELY SORE. As a matter of fact my shoulder was froze. I could not move my arm in any direction without experiencing extreme pain.  In order to get some healing blood to the area of my shoulder, I did a Hot & Cold Shower, which did little to help alleviate the pain.

By mid-afternoon, I had decided that I should at least have an X-ray to make sure I hadn’t dislocated it somehow. (I was diagnosed with Bursitis in this shoulder over 25 years ago.) So I went to the hospital, had 5 X-rays. Tthey said it was arthritis, gave me a sling,  800 mg of Ibuprofen,  a prescription for 250 mg of Ibuprofen and sent me home.

I want to emphasize here that, until I took that Ibuprofen, I had been 100% drug free for over 25 years.

On Wednesday I took one of the prescribed Ibuprofen, only because the pain was so bad I felt I had to do something. It didn’t help with the pain, so I didn’t bother taking any more. Instead, I suffered through and kept my arm immobile in order to give it a rest, hoping that at least that would eventually help to get rid of the pain. No such luck. I spent the entire day in agony. My shoulder was giving me fits and my foot was burning like crazy. And to make matters worse, the vein under the blister was slightly swollen.

By the time I went to bed, I was miserable, very uncomfortable, and I had a new symptom – It was stinging when I urinated – BAD!

Thursday morning I got up at 7am, (again because of the pain in my foot and shoulder). Now, usually I go to the bathroom immediately after I awake, but on this particular morning I didn’t have to. As a matter of fact, I didn’t ‘go’ until a little after 9am. And when I did, it hurt like the dickens, and  the toilet bowl was FULL of BLOOD!

Blood in Toilet
Blood in Toilet

The blood was ‘fresh’ – bright red as opposed to dark – totally unlike ‘period’ blood. At first I was wondering if it had come from my rectum, but when I wiped, it only came from the front. Not good! I have not had a period in over 30 years!

I am not prone to panicking, so I sat down and considered all the possibilities.  Less than 15 minutes later I was back in the bathroom, feeling like I had to void again, but this time it felt like a small void, and this time it was pure blood. I immediately did a baking soda douche – if this had something to do with the acid from the cleaning chemical, then I wanted to at least try to neutralize it.

Another 15 minutes and I was back to passing blood. At this point I decided that it was time for yet another trip to the hospital.

I got checked in pretty quickly, and was waiting to see a doctor when I again felt the need to void, only this time it was with a feeling of URGENCY.  I asked the nurse if she wanted a sample and she told me where to find the cups.  The sample was PURE BLOOD.

I was still on my way back across the hall to the examination room I had been assigned to, when I once again felt an URGENT need to void. I rushed back to the bathroom, and experienced yet another symptom – now I felt like I had to ‘PUSH’.  This need to push, was very much like the need to push when you are having a baby, and it was PAINFUL.

Suddenly I now felt like I was pooping a hard football from the back end, while passing razorblades and being unable to stop the pushing. GOD what EXCRUCIATING PAIN.

Then I heard a very distinct ‘PLOP’.  When I was finally able to stand up, there was what appeared to be a chunk of tissue or a blood clot in the toilet. I immediately rang for the nurse, who fished it out. It was huge. and I could see from the look on her face, that she was very alarmed by what was happening. And I was beginning to panic.

But there was no time for panicking – I had to void again! Only this time, after four or five minutes of continuous, uncontrollable pushing, it was clear that I was not going to be able to get off of the toilet under my own steam. Had I not known better, I would have sworn I was giving birth to an elephant!  … To be continued




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