My Health Is Worth It

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My Health Is Worth It

Monitoring My Success :-)

As of this date I have lost a total of 40 pounds since being released from the hospital!!! Wow! I am jazzed! I am now into a size 16-18 pant – down from a size 24. All this and I still have not been able to do any intense exercises due to the tendonitis that was caused by two of the medications that I took.

Imagine – taking just 5 little pills caused me to be HOBBLED! I now have a big knot at the back of my Left Achilles Heel, the tendons and calves of both legs are damaged to the extent that even walking for any amount of time/distance is extremely  uncomfortable!

The good news is that I am an Herbalist, and am taking the herbs to counteract and heal the damage.  The Dr. wanted to put me on a prescription for the pain and another one to ‘promote healing in the area’. HAHAHA! That’s not going to happen!

Instead I am using a couple of additional AIM products that will provide the necessary herbs for the tendonitis AND address a few other issues at the same time.  In addition to taking my BarleyLife (for whole Body Health and Cellular Regeneration)

I am also taking 3 AIM Para 90 3Xs a day (for the Bromelain) and any resident parasites,

An EXCELLENT formula for Parasite Removal!

AIM’s Composure 6 caps at bedtime (to relax the muscles and keep my legs from having what feels like Charlie-Horses, all the time),

A Great way to relax!

and I’m soaking my feet in AIM’s Cell Wellness Restorer (CWR)

I LOVE this stuff! - Great for SOOO Many things! And AFFORDABLE too!

to help rebuild the muscle and regenerate any nerve damage.

Considering how bad things were I am really making some great headway! The way I have it figured, I should be able to use a treadmill in a few weeks – then the weight will REALLY start to drop off!

In the meantime I am juicing at least one meal a day – usually breakfast. Lots of Fruits and vegetables.

Here are a few of the Breakfasts I have prepared in the last couple of weeks:

  • Vegetable Breakfast
  • Now that’s the way to start your day!


I juice all the fruits and/or vegetables, then take half of the juice and mix it in my Silver Bullet with a HEAPING TABLESPOON or TWO of BarleyLife, then I use the remaining juice as a chaser!

Another all fruit combination.

Melons are always eaten with melons! And they are GREAT for weight loss!Melons are GREAT for weight-loss! I always try to eat them in the morning, that way they help work off the water you are retaining throughout the whole day.  This really came in handy after having 5 gallons of water pumped into me in the hospital – now that it is all gone – I’m eating the melons because they taste so dang GOOD!

Well, that’s about it for now – I have to get to work on a few projects that have been waiting for me. LOL

Hope you enjoy this post and are getting some good ideas for your nutritional program.

Hugs, Prayers & Blessing to all.

TTFN – Christine

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