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AIM Herbal Release® - 60 vegetarian capsules

AIM Herbal Release - 60 vegetarian capsules

The immune system is the army that protects us from invaders. It extends throughout the body and protects us from bacteria, viruses, and cancer cells. An important but often unconsidered part of the immune system is the lymphatic system – bone marrow, thymus, lymphatic vessels, lymph nodes, and spleen, as well as adenoids and tonsils. The 11 herbs found in AIM Herbal Release® work together to cleanse and support the lymphatic system. These herbs may also help with bowel regularity. Take it with AIM Herbal Fiberblend® to get complete detoxification effects

  • Helps maintain immune health
  • Helps maintain a healthy lymphatic system
  • Cleanses lymphatic system; great for detoxification
  • Contains echinacea root 4:1 extract for improved immune health
  • Combines 10 cleansing herbs and one extract
  • Delayed release capsule to maximize benefits
  • Over 1,000 mg of herbs per two capsules
  • 60-count vegetarian capsules

  • Regular Price: $24.50 USD

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    This stuff is the real deal, folks! I have been taking Red Rush Nitric Oxide Boost for a week now. One shot two hours before working out (for me it's CrossFit), I have noticed an extreme boost in my muscle endurance and recovery time! I have tried a lot of pre-workouts out there and this one leaves them all in the dust! I have been experiencing the most natural-feeling energy from this product with no noticeable crash. It's all natural, certified vegan, certified non-GMO, and certified gluten-free!" Michael D.

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